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Role of Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

What is the solution?

YouTube as a Medium

Online lead generation is basically a cover-all phrase for any way of generating interest or questions via the internet.

While traditional internet marketing can take longer to begin producing results, as compared to those such as traditional advertising, in time the resulting leads coming through various online channels will be both more effective and cheaper.

This has resulted in many companies re-defining their marketing approaches in terms of online lead generation and those companies who are not re-defining their strategies are slipping away from the competition.

Role of Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Traditional advertising methods include pay per click advertising campaigns, which have been successfully implemented by many companies in order to generate traffic and qualified leads.

The benefits of this form of online lead generation are that it is relatively inexpensive in relation to traditional advertising methods and the return on investment from PPC advertising is relatively high due to the fact that it has been established to bring about immediate and targeted results. These immediate results can be in the form of sales as well as leads.

However, what is the downside?

With PPC advertising there is the cost per lead or cost per action, which can prove to be expensive. This cost per lead or cost per action form of online lead generation is not cost effective if there is no conversion to sale.

Companies that advertise via PPC may spend a lot of money on generating leads but fail to convert them into sales. What is the reason for this? Most companies who implement PPC advertising do not know the conversion rate they expect from their campaign and consequently end up wasting a lot of money on advertising that does not produce desired results.

What is the solution?

How can companies create an online advertising campaign that produces results without having to put a huge amount of money on it? There are a number of companies that have developed software solutions that will allow for an online lead generation without spending a cent.

The best part is that these solutions are easy to use and give instant results. This eliminates the need to invest huge amount on online lead generation and at the same time makes it easy for companies to track and measure their PPC campaign.

One way that companies can use software solution is through YouTube advertising. YouTube is the second largest search engine and is found in every household. Most people search YouTube for the purpose of finding information related to a particular topic. Using YouTube for online lead generation business can provide an instant spike in leads and sales.

YouTube as a Medium

A great advantage of using YouTube as a medium for online lead generation is that people can quickly see the information relevant to their needs. This makes information more valuable and hence more likely to result in an action.

When landing pages are properly designed and optimized with relevant keywords, people will find the site and will most likely go ahead and leave their contact details. In this manner, businesses can generate leads online without investing a lot of money. The important thing here is that the landing pages are properly designed and optimised to generate leads while costing less than traditional forms of advertising.

The most important thing for online lead generation businesses is the click-through rate (CTR). The CTR is the rate at which people click on an ad. It is important for marketers to work towards improving the CTR because this will directly affect the sales volume.

Some marketers focus on improving the ad copy, while other marketers work on increasing the CTR by changing the layout and including more visible keywords.

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