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10th November 2020 - “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

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Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

About Channel Management

Video Marketing Examples

Multichannel marketing is the successful combining of several promotional and distribution channels for the simultaneous purpose of advertising.

Distribution channels include an on line retail store, a web site, or a catalog. Marketing and advertising are generally done through local media in the form of a newspaper, television, or radio station.

However, these channels can also be used for multi-channel marketing, if the market is big enough and there are enough distribution outlets to support it.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

The benefits of multi-channel marketing cannot be overlooked. When a business uses multiple channels, they can better spread their message and build a customer base at the same time.

The customer will have several options when looking for a product or service. They may be able to go to one location to purchase it, but they may also be able to shop at another location or browse at another website.

Either way, the customer will be presented with more options than just the one location that a conventional advertisement would offer them.

Another benefit of multi-channel marketing that cannot be underestimated is that the customer experience across multiple channels is consistent. In other words, they all work together in a similar way.

If a product can be found on a web site, it can also be found on a brick and mortar store location. This consistency across multiple channels is what makes for a better shopping experience and ultimately a better business. A retailer with a great product can be afforded by having a greater number of sales outlets, even if they have only one storefront.

Because of this, consistency is key.

About Channel Management

Channel management is another important aspect of channel strategy. Marketers must determine who their target audience is, what type of customers they want to see, at what time of day, and where to place their advertisements.

By doing so, marketers can improve their campaigns, their return on investment, and their customer experience. All of this leads to better business and better profits.

Achieving brand consistency across multiple channels is not an easy task. It is certainly not an effort that can be accomplished in a few hours or days. However, with the proper resources and the right information, this goal can be reached in a few months or even weeks.

In fact, some companies have achieved brand and channel consistency in as little as two months by focusing in on and executing their advertising and promotions across all of their channels.

Video Marketing Examples

The most important resource for channel optimization is of course, video marketing examples. Companies that do not have a dedicated video team will find that Oreo offers them the perfect solution.

With Oreo, marketers are able to showcase their videos across multiple platforms in a simple, streamlined process. Best of all, videos make the company's brand much more recognizable and accessible to the consumer.

Another way to ensure the optimal level of brand consistency is by creating as many touch points as possible. There are numerous ways to reach the consumer. Some are more effective than others.

For example, having a press release published on media sites, distributing press releases via email and sharing screenshots on social networks can generate a lot of buzz about your company. However, there is no guarantee that one of these social media sites will generate enough interest to trigger sales. Having a consistent campaign across multiple platforms will help achieve brand awareness, which in turn will increase sales.

Multi channel campaigns have been proven to work. It does not matter whether the channel your company uses is Oreo Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or another related application. What matters is that marketers create campaigns that target the right audience at the right time with the right product. These campaigns will lead to higher conversion rates and greater revenue.

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