How to Work Remotely Effectively and Successfully

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Importance of Video Calls

Pay Attention to Your Health

Not All Setups Will Suit You

How to work remotely effectively is a question that not all companies are able to answer. The current trend in the global workforce is towards telecommuting.

Most businesses and corporations fail to properly train their staff to create this lucrative, telecommuting environment and therefore ensure the employee truly is working at his or her most effective level.

This can be a recipe for disaster.

Importance of Video Calls

One of the best ways to get the most out of one day working remotely is to establish a good rapport with your team before you even leave the office. It may sound cliched but the best way to get to know your fellow workers is by video calls.

By video calling each other, you can quickly get to know one another before you spend a single day working together. This instant connection and sense of camaraderie is something that can't be helped.

Try to schedule at least one business video call per week, if not more, to get to know each other.

When making your business video calls, it's important to establish a good, routine first before you begin. You need to know where you will be video calling from and how long each conversation lasts.

That way you know what to expect and how to best answer questions that come up during the call. For example, if someone asks how long your last meeting lasted, you'll know how to answer the question and make the discussion easier to digest.

Pay Attention to Your Health

Another part of how to work remotely effectively involves staying on top of yourself so you have time to indulge in all of your own personal needs as well. While you certainly need to pay attention to your health as well-you wouldn't dream of missing work for a sick colleague would you?

You also need to take care of yourself through exercise and nutrition as well. A physically fit body is key to maintaining productivity, health and self-esteem.

Eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly keeps the stress levels down that affect productivity as well. Find some time each day to do something fun with yourself-whether it's a brisk walk or a massage or even a nice bath-and relax to help keep your mind and body healthy and ready for work.

Not All Setups Will Suit You

When it comes to how to work remotely effectively and find success in your new career, the workspace is one of the most important things to consider. Think about the type of desk you have, whether you need room to stretch out and use a computer table, whether you are comfortable with your workspace and how it will make you feel working.

Your workspace should not only include what you need on a daily basis, but should also allow you to grow and expand as your career moves forward. For many people, their current setup does not meet their needs; by thinking about how to set up your workspace you will give yourself a better chance of finding the setup that works best for you.

Many people who work from home find that simply putting a computer table between their desk and monitor helps them get more done.

The third area of how to work remotely effectively and successfully is a major key to a lot of successful remote work. This is networking-the ability to connect to your team, clients and vendors.

Even if you are working from an Internet connection, your office is not complete without good networking. Establishing a trusted relationship with those who work with you remotely can save you time and money, because you will not have to waste time or energy searching for people when they are not near you.

Establishing a trust between your office and your non-commute workers is one of the keys to having success. You cannot trust someone to do the job properly if you do not know they will be doing a good job and that they will follow your established work schedule.

By following your work schedule and establishing trust with your staff, you will be able to get more done in less time.

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