Evaluating Your B2B Marketing Strategies

12th October 2020 - “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

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How to avoid inappropriate b2b marketing

What about Leedfeeder

Why the online community has to stay engaged

The reality is, if you want to choose your own B2B marketing strategies, you cannot simply select your favourite marketing tool from a promotional blog post. Your marketing plan must be made with your particular customers in mind. It should take into consideration your target audience and your company's positioning, both in terms of geography and industry.

If it doesn't do that, then what is it doing anyway?

Inappropriate b2b Marketing

Many companies, despite having a strong brand identity and core competency, end up selecting an inappropriate b2b marketing strategies.

Perhaps they don't understand the strategy they are choosing is the right one for their company or they simply lack the skills to implement the marketing plan. These two reasons explain why so many companies fail to execute effective b2b marketing strategies that meet their strategic priorities.

But a great many companies also make the mistake of believing that any great marketing strategy will work for them regardless of who they are or what they do. Such a belief is akin to thinking that an apple will always fall between your ears irrespective of how hard you work at it.

This is a fatal error because any marketing strategy is designed to either attract or repel a buyer.

For example, a buyer of a car would rather be surrounded by friends and family. So a marketing strategy that aims to build trust among customers and prospects by making your firm easily accessible through social media, mobile apps, email, and other tools, would be a good choice for most marketers.

But if you aim to capture the heart and soul of a buyer by offering a solution or product that can solve a problem or enhance someone's life, a different approach is needed and your best bet would be to get in touch with leadfeeder.


Leadfeeder brings together an extensive collection of B2B companies, personal branding experts and buyers, with the sole purpose of helping each group identify its unique marketing goals and begin developing an effective marketing strategy.

Unlike conventional marketing plans, leadfeeder's B2B marketing strategies are designed to focus on each buyer individually. A B2B marketer may want to increase his/her share of the global automotive market. And a personal branding expert may want to expand his/her influence by creating a new brand.

Leadfeeder offers a wide range of tactics to help its members draw the attention of prospects. Lead magnet tactics include the art of creating an 'inspiring' call to action that draws prospects to a website.

Incentive tactic strategies include the art of offering special deals that go beyond existing company offers. It all comes down to creating compelling messages that captivate prospects. The experts at leadfeeder combine their experiences with their unique expertise to help marketers create effective campaigns and tactics.

Crucial "moving forward" Online Community

A unique feature of the online community is that it's alive and always updating. Online marketing strategies become outdated very fast - especially when new innovations are created or new tactics are developed.

B2B marketers must keep their strategies fresh to stay relevant in the ever-changing face of the marketplace. By staying current and utilizing the best marketing tactics, a marketer can make sure that its strategies will always be at their disposal.

Another way to evaluate an online marketing strategy is by testing it out on the competition. Lead magnet tactics are effective for selling cars to teenagers, but what about selling software to CFOs? Testing your strategy against the goals you want to reach will give you a good idea if you have the right strategy or not.

But how do you know if your strategy is working?

A popular tool that many marketing strategists use is survey research. Survey questions that focus on the marketing objectives of the organization provide valuable information that helps determine whether your company is on track to meet the goals you set. The answers you get will give you a clear picture of where your company is in relation to its objectives.

Knowing your position in relation to the goals you set will enable you to improve and make changes to strengthen your B2B marketing strategies.

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